Season 1

Season 1 (2021)


Episodes List

Ep.1 New World Order

Air Date: 2021-03-19

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes realize that their futures are anything but normal.

Ep.2 The Star-Spangled Man

Air Date: 2021-03-26

John Walker is named Captain America, and Sam and Bucky team up against a rebel group.

Ep.3 Power Broker

Air Date: 2021-04-02

Sam and Bucky go to a criminal safe haven to find information about the Super Soldier serum.

Ep.4 The Whole World Is Watching

Air Date: 2021-04-09

John Walker loses patience with Sam and Bucky as they learn more about Karli Morgenthau.

Ep.5 Truth

Air Date: 2021-04-16

John Walker faces consequences for his actions, and Sam and Bucky return to the U.S.

Ep.6 Episode 6

Air Date: 2021-04-23