Series 4

Series 4 (2017)


Episodes List

Ep.1 A Fat Bald White Man

Air Date: 2017-04-25

Hugh Dennis, Joe Lycett, Lolly Adefope, Mel Giedroyc and Noel Fielding fell rubber ducks and destroy cakes to impress the very demanding Greg Davies.

Ep.2 Look at Me

Air Date: 2017-05-02

Lolly Adefope tries long distance painting. Hugh Dennis is befuddled by an egg.

Ep.3 Hollowing out a baguette

Air Date: 2017-05-09

Devious Greg Davies tries to spot our five camouflaged comics, before the gang attempt to herd some dogs and chickens.

Ep.4 Friendship is truth

Air Date: 2017-05-16

What will Mel Giedroyc do to a pommel horse? And why are Alex Horne and Noel Fielding dancing like shrews?

Ep.5 Meat

Air Date: 2017-05-23

Noel Fielding has a sliding session, while Swedishman Fred receives an intense video call.

Ep.6 Spatchcock it

Air Date: 2017-05-30

Joe Lycett shows no mercy to a camel. Hugh Dennis gets a sleeping bag challenge.

Ep.7 No stars for naughty boys

Air Date: 2017-06-06

Hugh Dennis wields a blade, while Mel Giedroyc destroys a mannequin.

Ep.8 Tony Three Pies

Air Date: 2017-06-13

Noel Fielding finds his soulmate, while Mel Giedroyc bites off more than she can chew.