Series 3

Series 3 (2016)

Not many series can return for a third run and claim they have footage of five comedians making out-of-season snowmen, spreading their clothes as far and as wide as possible and whispering questions at an 83-year-old called Hugh in the hope of winning a golden version of Greg Davies’s head. Taskmaster can.


Episodes List

Ep.1 Pea in a Haystack

Air Date: 2016-10-04

Greg Davies sets bewilderingly brilliant tasks - involving vegetable propulsion, snowmen and Swedes - to five celebs, including Al Murray and Dave Gorman.

Ep.2 The Dong and the Gong

Air Date: 2016-10-11

Greg Davies thinks outside the box - or inside a cement-filled shoebox in Rob Beckett's case - as he sets nutty tasks. Dave Gorman gets all bitey!

Ep.3 Little Polythene Grief Cave

Air Date: 2016-10-18

Sadistic Mr Gilbert in the Inbetweeners, Greg Davies takes just as much pleasure from torturing celebs. Al Murray is confronted with an eggcup!

Ep.4 A Very Nuanced Character

Air Date: 2016-10-25

Greg Davies dishes out surreal tasks to celebs. The comics have to hand an item of clothing to a cyclist and grill an 83-year-old man called Hugh!

Ep.5 The F.I.P.

Air Date: 2016-11-01

Exasperated comics are set absurd tasks! Before the series winner is crowned, we find out which celeb has the dishiest relative and why Rob Beckett is mad at peas.