Season 4

Season 4 (2013)

As the group settle into life in a stable shelter, a new danger threatens disaster.


Episodes List

Ep.1 30 Days Without an Accident

Air Date: 2013-10-13

Rick and the group are as close to an ideal life as possible at the prison.

Ep.2 Infected

Air Date: 2013-10-20

As the group faces a brand new enemy, Rick and the others must fight to protect the livelihood they worked so hard to create at the prison.

Ep.3 Isolation

Air Date: 2013-10-27

A group leaves the prison to search for supplies; the remaining members of the group deal with recent losses.

Ep.4 Indifference

Air Date: 2013-11-03

The supply mission faces hurdles; the situation at the prison worsens.

Ep.5 Internment

Air Date: 2013-11-10

Assorted enemies pressure Rick and the group. The survivors and the prison may reach a breaking point.

Ep.6 Live Bait

Air Date: 2013-11-17

Following his defeat at Woodbury, the Governor wanders aimlessly until he encounters a family in need.

Ep.7 Dead Weight

Air Date: 2013-11-24

Something new unfolds at a camp outside the prison. The addition of new members may threaten peace.

Ep.8 Too Far Gone

Air Date: 2013-12-01

After things begin to calm down at the prison, Rick and his group now face imminent danger and destruction. This time, they might not win.

Ep.9 After

Air Date: 2014-02-09

As Rick deals with old wounds, members of the prison have to come to terms with their new environment and ask themselves if survival alone is enough.

Ep.10 Inmates

Air Date: 2014-02-16

In the quest for stability and safety, the group faces many obstacles.

Ep.11 Claimed

Air Date: 2014-02-23

A number of immediate threats plague Rick. Group members deal with their past.

Ep.12 Still

Air Date: 2014-03-02

An enlightened mission springs from a request from one of the group members.

Ep.13 Alone

Air Date: 2014-03-09

One group finds a shelter; a group has a realization about protection.

Ep.14 The Grove

Air Date: 2014-03-16

After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to the way they used to be.

Ep.15 Us

Air Date: 2014-03-23

Survivors rely on brutality and faith.

Ep.16 A

Air Date: 2014-03-30

Many paths collide; Rick faces sheer brutality; the group struggles to survive.