Robby Haynes

Robby Haynes is a multi-talented self styled actor, script writer & director starring in Fighting Talk , Space Bandits: Fight for Extant and appearing in Disney blockbuster live action remakes Will Smith Aladdin (2019) (2019) and Artemis Fowl (2020). The fact is, Robby was born and grew up in North London, UK in the mid-70s. It was difficult enough without being black, one of four siblings in a single parent (Catherine Sargeant) household struggling to make ends meet. The only escape from his impoverished existence was discovering at eleven years old, the joys of the theatre attached to his brand new secondary school. Robby finally found creative, expressive freedom there where he could hone and develop his chosen craft. He met some good, fun-loving friends, the teachers gravitated towards him, nurtured and encouraged him to explore his musical (piano, trumpet, drums, guitar) technical (lighting, effects, sound) writing, directing and acting abilities, appearing in every theatre production throughout his education. Completely immersed in the entertainment industry, Robby is now directing his debut films 'Fighting Talk' and 'Space Bandits: Fight For Extant'. He is an accomplished writer, actor, award-winning producer and casting agent, often spotted lurking on film and TV locations searching for emerging talents. He is firmly established in the film and music industry and is also known for music artists tour management, video producing and directing. Robby is kind but driven and passionate about his way of life. He can be tough and straight-talking on set but, when asked, he is honest in his opinions. His wish is to impart his industry knowledge to those that show similar traits, as his mentors did for him whilst growing up. Robby lives & works in London and Hertfordshire.

Gender: Male


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